The Stap solution is a PA-DSS certified payment capture software. For over 20 years, Stap has been constantly evolving to anticipate the needs of its customers.

What is the purpose of Stap?

Stap optimizes the transactions capture from the acceptors as well as the POS remote configuration. It simplifies the management of the payment terminals. It also includes the hight-performance routing engine for authorization request.

How does Stap work?

The core of the application is split into two big sets of features :

Environnements :

A web-based user interface facilitates the management of the merchants, POS terminal and transaction sets.

Whom is STAP for?

STAP is designed to fit any environment, from the smallest to the largest payment processors. This solution is deployed in banking environments, and also in privative ones. Multi-institutional, it can be hosted by service providers, electronic banking groups or directly at the users. Certifié PA-DSS

Why choose Stap?

Adopting Stap is the choice of a safe application

The best return on investment

An innovative and scalable software

Easy to use and intuitive

Payment Front-Office

Manages the communication with the acceptance devices and the exchange with the cards issuers.

Bankcard services and protocols

Check services and protocols

Private proprietary services

Administrative tools

Acquisition network interfaces

The application implements a network insulating layer.

Payment Back-Office

Manages acceptors and running operations.

Financial flows

Fleet management

Data model


Interested in Stap?

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